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Nicholas Randolph of Eaton 


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Mojave Desert: Free Ranger Extraordinaire, Nicholas Eaton, Age 6

Hi! I'm Nicholas, and thanks for stopping by to visit my new website. Feel free to browse through my pages, and check back often as I update my site. Scroll down on my homepage if you'd like to learn a little bit more about me and my home.

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Boycott Tecopa California Hot Springs "Public" Baths?
Redrock Canyon - National Conservation Area ( Las Vegas / Southern Nevada )


Better-than-towering buildings, Towering Rainbows...


Better-than-Starbucks coffee shop in Shoshone, California

I currently live in Shoshone, California, which is a gateway into Death Valley National Park. This is a view taken near my front yard. Rather than towering buildings and endless traffic jams, we have towering mud/clay hills and vast desert-scapes, with sunsets most people can't imagine. Who needs the moon, when we've got the stars?


We don't have a Starbucks out here, or high speed internet access. But Cafe C'Est Si Bon is even better, especially since my best friend's dad runs the cafe. Plus, my dad says that Cafe C'Est Si Bon serves truely organic coffee, and that Starbuck's Coffee has potentially dangerous chemical additives.


Green Coconut Juice


Tecopa Basin

You might find this funny or even a little ironic, but one of my favorite drinks is a nice green coconut sipped directly from the coconut shell. My Mom and Dad's friend Dave sometimes brings them out from the Big City -- Las Vegas.


Behind me you'll see some of the most wonderous mud and clay flats that stretch for miles... That is, you'll USUALLY see the flats. Right now it's all lake, reminiscent of the Tecopa Basin from long ago. My dad and I went out exploring the effects of increased rainfall over the last two weeks.


Watch for Flash Floods!

If you decide to visit Death Valley, be very careful of flash floods. It doesn't rain very often, but when it does, the the water rushes through otherwise innocent looking channels dug into the desert. Entire roads have been washed out by water travelling over 40 miles per hour.

Rock Sculptures

My mom and I enjoy visiting the rock sculptures transported to Tecopa by the previous owner of the Crystal Cross Hot Springs Resort. I'm learning that art is best inspired by nature. Combining art IN nature can be truly wonderful.

Redrock Canyon National Conservation Area


Climbing up the towering Rocks...

Redrock Canyon National Conservation Area is less than 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. At first, I thought that the towering red monoliths were volcanic rocks, until I discovered that they are actually ancient sand dunes that have become petrified and frozen in time!


Three things you'll need at Redrock Canyon to climb free-style: Water, a good pair of shoes, and several hours of daylight!


~-~ My Stats ~-~

      • Age: 6 Years Old
      • Hair color: Blond
      • Eye color: Blue
      • Favorite Color: Blue! Can't you tell?
      • My second favorite color: Purple!
      • School: Tecopa-Francis Elementary School
      • Current Favorite Activities:
        • Swinging
        • Playing with BIG trucks
        • Recess and Lunch and School
          • Chasing my friends
        • Hot springs - hot baths ( In the morning before school! )
        • Reading books before bedtime
      • Favorite Food: P I Z Z A !
      • Favorite Healthy Foods: Bananas, Yogurt, Oat Meal & Apples
      • Favorite Drinks: Apple Juice, Milk, Cranberry Juice
      • Favorite Healthy Drinks: Penta Water, Green Coconut Juice
      • Future Profession: An SEO like my Mom and Dad
      • Favorite Animals: Cats and Dinosaurs
      • Favorite Website:

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