A Guide for Cleaning Cold Press Juicer Easily

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Juicers can help us in various ways. From giving us delicious and fresh juices to doing our dullest jobs like chopping and blending, juicers have made our lives much easier. Intake of healthy and nutritious diet is very rare these days. People tend to fill up their stomachs with junk food or fast food. They don’t know what these foods are doing to their bodies and instead they feel that they are saving their time because instant foods don’t take much time to prepare like a full meal. But nowadays healthy juices or smoothies of different fruits and vegetables are only one spin away due to the blessing of our heavy powered motor juicers.

These juicers help us a lot, no doubt, but there is a reason people do not buy them without a warranty, that is because they get all riled up or their motor breaks down and we cannot use them again unless we replace parts or eventually change it. You would think that it breaks down because people try to buy cheap product which breaks down after 2 to 3 months, but that is not it. Some juicers of renowned companies also tend to have problems when used constantly for juicing and crushing for 4 to 5 months. But, what I am going to discuss further is how you can prolong the life of your juicer without letting it break down and eventually change it for good.

How to clean Cold Press Juicer?

The only reason why your juicer or grinder does not work properly after getting used for 3 to 4 months maximum is because you do not take good care of it. A juicer requires proper maintenance for it to be perfectly juicing our fruits or vegetables.

The mash of crude fruits which stays in the messy juicer if you do not clean it is a reproducing ground for microscopic organisms like bacteria. These bacteria also get into the juice when crushing it in the already dirty juicer. The complexity of cleaning a juicer increases with the increase in size and functionality. A cold press juicer takes the most time to clean while a centrifugal juicer takes much less time to clean.

The things you would need to clean the juicer are a dishwashing liquid, a cleaning brush, and a bowl of warm (not hot) water. The juicer should be cleaned after every use whether you are squeezing some fruits or blending some vegetables.

The bowl of warm water is poured inside the jug of the juicer and a drop or two of the dish washing liquid is poured into it. The cleaning brush is then used to scrape away the sticky parts from the juicer. The rest of the blades and motors are to be cleaned by using a damp cloth. That is the simple recipe for a clean, long-running and well-groomed juicer.

I know from my personal experience that, in the event that you take after this basic counsel, there will be no residue on the juicer’s base and rust on its pads. Attributable to this, your juice will be free from microorganisms and the juicer will have a similar effectiveness and efficiency of crushing even after 10 years.

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