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Have your ever fantasize Robots doing your work? Have you ever experienced a robotic feel in the real life? Well if your answer is no then you haven’t heard about massage chair, I guess. The massage chair is a robotic kind of chairs which helps to reduce you stress, tensions, pain, cramps and stiffness in your body so easily that you can’t even imagine.

Relaxation is the most amazing productive work you can ever do for the sake of your own self. Whenever life takes you to a difficult stage where you feel stressed out due to some problems then it effects your health as well because your mind is the control centre of your body. At this point doctors also recommends best massage chairs to have in home so that you can have massage any time.

These massage chairs are so easy to use no complication involved. All you need to do is to sit on the seat of this chair and take a deep relaxing breath. Massage chair will follow your orders via remote. Just like a robot doing it for you.

Nowadays these massage chairs are widely being used all over the world.  Some people are habitual of it. The massage chair is divided into many types according to the interest of the people.

The full body massage chair is the most common among all the massage chairs. This chair is mostly suitable for those people who wants to soothe their body or relax because it covers all the pressure points of the body .There are a lot of brands who are making full body massage chairs .It is as soft as a foam and it covers the back part of your body ,shoulders, arms and neck even it covers your hands too.

After being informed from the full body massage chair ,let me give you some information about another type that is the  Ottoman massage chairs .The ottoman massage chairs are the opposite from full body massage chairs .The full body massage chairs are so expensive as compare to ottoman massage chairs .They are cheap and easily available in the markets .

Now  have a look on The heat therapy chairs .The massage chairs also includes super-heated feature .These kind of massage chairs are so much expensive then the other chairs because of their advanced options .These massage chairs are mostly available in most expensive luxurious cars or you can find them in the rooms of 5 star hotels .

The air massage chairs work not as same as other massage chairs do. The fact about this chair is that it doesn’t involve any electrical connectivity to run. It contains some air-filled bags in order to provide you a body massage.it is not suitable for massaging your neck shoulders or calves. It only covers your hands and lower body.

Now you know about the types of massage chairs so it will be easy for you to pick the right one according to your need. I would like to sum up this interesting article with a very inspirational quote of John Lenon, ‘Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream’.

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